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Protecting Cross-connections for Our Potable Water Supply in Calgary and the Surrounding Area

To prevent your drinking water from accidental contamination, it is important to have your cross-connection control device tested annually by an AWWA certified technician at Future Green. You can rely on us to ensure your water is flowing as intended.

Watts double check valve assembly

No Need To Worry!

Our AWWA certified tester will test your device and report the results to your local municipality.

What is a

Municipal Bylaws Require The Annual Testing Of Backflow Cross-Connection Control Devices.

A cross-connection is any physical connection between the public water system and any source that could contaminate this clean water supply. Sprinkler systems are a moderate risk for potential contamination, especially since fertilizer may leech into the sprinkler heads.

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of water flow from its intended direction.

Backflow can be caused by a pressure drop in the water supply, which in turn can draw contaminants back through unprotected cross connections. Prevention of backflow is critical to protect public health.

Future Green Irrigation provides AWWA certified cross connection testing to help you comply with municipal bylaws.

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Comply With Municipal Bylaws

A backflow assembly is a mechanical device installed at the point of cross connection to prevent contaminants from accidently entering your potable water supply. Future Green Irrigation uses a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) device for our new sprinkler system installations. This device has two independently acting check valves and are designed for use under continuous pressure.

Why do backflow assemblies need to be tested annually?

Like all mechanical devices, wear and tear on moving parts can result over time. To prevent accidental contamination, it is important to have these devices tested annually. Our AWWA certified tester will ensure your device is working as intended.

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