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Here Are Commonly Asked Questions You Want To Know

Future Green Irrigation has been installing high-quality residential underground sprinkler systems in and around Calgary, since 2014. In that time, we have completed over 250 irrigation projects. Our systems keep your lawn & garden looking healthy, green and beautiful. Our residential irrigation system are reliable and cost-saving.

There are several factors that will determine the cost of a new underground sprinkler system. Size and complexity both play a role. A large square or regular yard will sometimes work out costing less than a smaller, irregular shaped yard, depending on the layout of the sprinkler heads. We will provide a detailed design with every quote, based on the material take off from that design.

The cost for a residential installation in Calgary will likely be between $4,300 CAD to $6,500 CAD. 

Our average cost for a system last season (2022) was $4,800 CAD.

You do not require a permit for the irrigation system itself, but you will need one for the cross-connection control device that is installed with the system. Future Green Irrigation includes the permit and initial test of the cross-connection control device with all new installations.

A cross-connection is any physical connection between a potable water system and any source that could contaminate this clean water supply. Sprinkler systems are a moderate risk for potential contamination, especially since fertilizer may leech into the sprinkler heads. A sudden drop in pressure in the water supply could draw these contaminants through unprotected cross connections.  A cross connection control device protects your potable water from this contamination by only allowing the flow of water in one direction, and preventing any potential backwards flow.

The average residential property will take us one to two days to complete. It will all depend on the size and complexity of the project.

There are a couple of reasons why we don’t supply our systems off existing exterior hose bibs. First, most hose bibs are fed from 1/2 inch supply lines. This means our maximum flow from this source is small, and sprinkler performance will suffer as a result.

Second, we are required by the City of Calgary to install a cross connection control device. For this reason we tie our irrigation systems directly into main supply line in your house, most often found in the mechanical room.

We install the cross connection control device at the point of connection, and have our certified cross connection tester pull the required permit.

We strive to design our systems in such a way that it will require the least amount of maintenance. This is achieved by using quality products and best practices during the installation process.

  1. Winterization Services - At the end of each season, is crucial to purge the remaining water from your systems irrigation pipes, to avoid frost damage when water expands as it freezes during the winter. Future Green Irrigation offers annual winterization services, normally scheduled during the last week in September and the first three weeks in October, before frost arrives.
  2. Cross Connection Testing – As mandated by the city of Calgary, your systems backflow device needs to be tested annually and the results need to be reported back to the city, who keep records. Future Green Irrigation has an AWWA certified tester who will come to test your device annually and then submit the paperwork for you.
  3. Spring Activation – Though many homeowners will activate their own irrigation systems, many other prefer the service of a professional who will come to get things going. Usually, after a long winter and a lot of snow, small adjustments will be needed to ensure that the sprinklers are spraying in the direction intended. Our service technician will not only activate the system, but will check each zone, each sprinkler head and the controller, to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

During the summer, our specialty and focus are the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems. We also offer landscape lighting in addition or as a separate service. The wiring for landscape lighting can easily be installed along with irrigation pipes, or as a separate service.

During the winter, we offer snow removal services. Please see our services page for detailed information.

If you are making the comparison between watering by hand or traditional above ground sprinkler versus automatic underground sprinklers, then the answer is yes. There are many reasons for this. 

A well-designed underground sprinkler system applies water much more uniformly. Also, the fact that it is automated means it can water your yard in the early hours of the morning when less water is lost to evaporation.

We can certainly accommodate that. We have the expertise to install a pump sized for your well’s capacity and your watering needs. This includes the installation of a pump start relay to automate the operation of your pump in sync with the irrigation system.

We offer a four-year warranty on parts and labour.

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We Are Certified & Committed To The Responsible And Sustainable Use Of Water

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