FAQs – Future Green Calgary


How much does a system cost?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of an irrigation system, including number of zones, property terrain, and plumbing work to be done. The number of zones are determined by the total area to be covered, and property layout. When we quote a job, we provide a detailed estimate of parts, their cost, and labour. While not all cases are the same, the typical cost ends up being between $500 – $600 per zone, and $250 for the water hookup. Most city lots need 4 – 8 zones for full coverage of grass and garden beds, front and back yard. Our average cost for a system last season was $2600.

Do you do landscape construction?

No, Irrigation and landscape lighting is all we do. We do however work alongside some of Calgary’s best landscapers, and would be happy to refer you to them.

I’m looking to have full landscaping done on my property. Why hire you if you only offer irrigation systems and landscape lighting?

Irrigation is a trade in its own right, and requires a separate set of knowledge and skills from landscape construction. It is for this reason that when landscape contractors offer the services we specialize in, they usually subcontract the task out to companies like us. Sometimes they may elect to do the job themselves, but run the risk of taking on projects that require too diverse of a skill set. In considering other proposals, you should ask yourself the following: Are they certified irrigation contractors, as Future Green is? Have they provided you with a detailed system overview in their proposal as Future Green would? Is their price competitive? Your irrigation system is a major component of your landscaping, and failure to install a properly designed system can result in major water overuse. As a specialized discipline of landscaping, it requires trained and experienced professionals to deliver a quality product. We’ve had a number of clients who have opted out of the irrigation provided by the landscape contractor they signed with, and were very happy with their decision. They enjoyed major savings by cutting out a middle man in the subcontracting chain, and piece of mind that they would be dealing directly with the specialist for matters regarding their irrigation system. Visit the contact us section of our site, or call 403 560 1850 for a free estimate, you have nothing to lose!

How long does it take to install a system?

Installation usually takes 1 to 2 days.

My property is already sodded and landscaped. If I get an irrigation system installed, won’t it ruin all my grass and plants?

We install our pipe with a vibrating plow thats minimally invasive to sod. Sod is carefully cut out at the locations of sprinkler heads and pipe connections, and replaced afterward. We take pride in our ability to install a system and make it seem like no one was ever there.

How much do I save if I choose the Do It Yourself package?

The amount you save depends on how much labour you save us. This usually rages for $500 -$1000 savings as compared to our full service installation.

Can’t I just run the system off a hose bib? Is it necessary to install a new water supply?

Technically its possible to run the system off the hose bib, but there are a few problems with this that make it an unfavorable option. Hose bibs are usually attached to 1/2 inch pipe, wheres the
dedicated water supply we install is 3/4 inch pipe attached directly to your homes 3/4, or 1 inch mainline. Since we can get more flow out of a bigger pipe diameter, we can put more sprinkler heads on a zone. This reduces the total amount of zones as compared to hooking up to a hose bib, making this option more cost effective. If you were to hook up to a hose bib, you’d also need to install a back flow preventer to it.

What’s a back flow preventer?
Like the name implies, it prevents back flow from the water inside your system back into your home. Water inside your system may be contaminated as runoff can go back inside the sprinkler heads. Back flow preventer’s are required by law.