Here Are Our Top Recommended Irrigation Products

Future Green Irrigation has access to virtually all brands and makes of irrigation & lighting supplies. The final decision is with you, as to what products you want to use for your system. We do, however, recommend the following products list below for their quality and performance.

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Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock® Pipe

Blu-Lock® pipe is an environmentally friendly, and recyclable, HDPE pipe that provides a superior alternative to PVC.

Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock® Water PIPE

Durable & Easy To Handle

This high quality pipe is made out of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

It comes with a 30 year manufacturer warranty.


These Fittings Have The Highest Burst Pressure, Highest Flow Rate, And Fastest Install Speed.

These fittings seal the pipe around the outside, rather than the inside as is the case with traditional barb fittings.

This results in better flow since there is no reduction in diameter.

hydrorain blu lock fitting edit 1

Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock® Fittings

With its powerful push-lock technology, your job will be done in record time!

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Hydro-Rain Manifold

This is the assembly where valves are located and turned on or off for zone watering.


Sprinkler Manifolds Are The Heart Of Any Irrigation System

This manifold design is great for water efficiency and optimal flow. It features large O-rings for a superb seal and allows you to easily remove valves should you need to service them in the future.

Irritrol VALVES

Superior Robustness Under Extreme Conditions

Solenoid valves are the most crucial component of an irrigation system because they are responsible for turning the sprinklers on and off automatically. We use the Irritrol 2400 Series solenoid valves for one simple reason… reliability! They are constructed from durable, corrosion and UV-resistant PCV and feature a double-beaded diaphragm.

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Irritrol Valves

The industry’s most reliable valves.