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Let Us Get Your System Started This Spring

Future Green Irrigation Inc. is a full-service irrigation company based in Calgary, Alberta. We have your yearly irrigation maintenance needs covered, from spring start up to fall blowout and everything in between.

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Make Sure Your System Will Run Smoothly This Season

Our experienced technicians will ensure your system will operate at it's best.

Spring Start-up

When Spring Begins In Alberta, Our Experienced Irrigation Technicians Will Get Your System Up And Running.

Although a proper winterization or blowout does prevent the vast majority of freezing damage, it's good practice to do a thorough check of your irrigation system when you first start it up in the Spring.

We will ensure there are no leaks, and all sprinkler heads are adjusted and pointing in the right direction.

Our spring activation service will give you piece of mind that your irrigation system will be operating properly for the season. Our service technician will turn on the main water supply, and test each zone while checking for leaks.

All sprinklers will be visually inspected and adjusted. Minor repairs will be completed during the appointment, although an additional appointment may be needed if the repairs needed are more extensive.  Please note the service technician will need access to your mechanical room to turn on the water supply and operate the sprinkler timer. 

Activation checklist

For Our Spring Activation Service, Our Technician Will:

  • Pressurize your system, checking for leaks in the mainline and manifold.
  • Activate each zone, checking that each sprinkler head is operating normally and free from leaks.
  • Check for unexplained water pooling as this may be a sign of an underground leak.
  • Flag any anomalies and leaks. If repairs are minor, they will be performed during this visit.
  • Test the system via the controller to make sure all electronics are working normally.
  • Check the programming schedule to ensure watering times and durations are appropriate.
  • If more extensive repairs are needed, our technician will explain what additional work needs to be done to get your system in working order. A follow-up appointment can then be booked at your request.

Please note that the following circumstances may necessitate a follow-up appointment, for more extensive repairs:

  • System was not properly winterized the previous fall.
  • System was not operational in the previous year(s).
  • Status of system is unknown (for example, you recently took possession of a home and don't know if the system was working).

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We Pressurize And Check Your System From Top To Bottom

Making sure your system is running leak-free will save you water and money.

Spring Activation Pricing

Standard Non-member


+ $30.00 Travel Charge 

For first six zones

$8.75 For each additional zone

Future Green Membership


For first six zones

$8.75 For each additional zone

Priority Booking

No travel charge