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Our Sprinklers Are Reliable & Efficient With Water Use

Future Green Irrigation has access to virtually all makes and brands of irrigation supplies and sprinklers. We offer top products that have been researched and tested but the final decision is with you, as to what products you want to use for your system. We do, however, recommend the following sprinklers for their quality and performance.

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Multi-Stream Nozzles

Maintain precise radius adjustments and prevent clogging of debris to ensure optimal water flow.

Hunter MP Rotators

Even Water Distribution & Design Flexibility

MP Rotator nozzles have a coverage radius between 12 and 27 feet and feature unique, multi-trajectory rotating streams that deliver water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak in at rates that soils can absorb.

toro precision nozzles

Ideal For A Small Lawns And Garden Beds

Toro spray nozzles have a coverage radius between 5 and 15 feet. The Precision Series Spray Nozzles feature patented H20 Chip Technology and uses up to 35% less water while achieving the same spray distance as conventional spray nozzles, making them the most efficient spray nozzles on the market.

toroprecision products

Toro Precision Nozzles

Most efficient spray nozzles on the market.

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Irritrol Spray Heads

Rugged and reliable with for the harsh Alberta Climate.


A Spray Head With Superior Performance

Hunter Pro-Spray line can handle the harshest environments and are built to last. They can be fitted with short range spray nozzles or long-range rotary nozzles. Check valve and pressure regulating upgrades provide additional water savings.

k-Rain Rotors

Ideal For Large Lawns And Acreages 

Rotor sprinkler heads are used for large yards and acreages. They have a coverage radius of up to 32 feet. The K-Rain SuperPro Rotor delivers matched precipitation, eliminates dry spots and provides better zone performance than competing products.

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K-Rain SuperPro

Uniform distribution for large scale systems.

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Rain Bird Dripline

Ideal for thick growth gardens.

Rainbird Dripline

Apply Water Directly To The Roots

We use dripline in planting areas where thick growth makes sprinklers impractical. They deliver water directly roots, making this one of the most efficient irrigation methods.