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Sprinkler System Installation
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Quality Design

Our Design Philosophy and Process

All of our sprinkler systems are created using cutting-edge drafting software. As certified irrigation contractors, we are committed to the responsible and sustainable use of water. Our philosophy is to use the least amount of water possible to maintain a healthy landscape. This is achieved through two major principles: having a uniform application of water, and optimizing the watering schedule.

Sprinkler System Performance

Futuregreen Calgary Hydra Wise Sprinkler Controller

WIFI Controlled Smart Scheduling

Even the best designed systems with high uniformities can be huge water wasters if improperly managed. For this reason we recommend the award winning Hydrawise Smart Irrigation controller. Hydrawise automatically adjusts water scheduling based on internet weather stations with an easy-to-use interface. This is done via its advanced Predictive Watering™ schedule that can adjust watering time and days based on weather data, and suspend watering based on temperature, predicted rainfall or actual rainfall. All this leads to significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving you time and money.

Futuregreen Calgary Controller Weather Stations
Weather Stations
Hydrawise uses only the most accurate weather stations available. With this flexible web-based weather system, you can even add your own weather stations or use free professionally maintained weather stations.

Save Time with Remote Access
Sit back and relax. With Hydrawise, everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Remote access allows you to view, manage and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet or computer at your own convenience.

Irrigation ReportingExtensive Irrigation Reporting
Take the mystery out of your sprinkler timer. With Hydrawise reporting, you can see how much water you’ve used and how much water you’ve saved.

Valve MonitorMonitoring your Irrigation System
Monitor your water use and state of your piping system with the optional flow meter. Receive automatic alerts when a pipe is broken or leak has occurred before it becomes a problem.

Sprinkler Head Spacing Diagram

Uniform Application

A uniform application rate starts with proper system design. Head spacing, pressure, and flow rate are all factors that contribute to this. A fact that is often overlooked or ignored, is that different types of sprinkler heads have different optimal operating pressures. A static sprays optimal pressure is around 30 psi, while a rotary head is between 40 to 50 psi. At pressures out of this range, the sprinkler profile becomes distorted, leading to poor uniformity. Since most residential irrigation systems have 60 to 70 psi at their point of connection to the water main, most sprinklers would be operating at pressures that are too high, unless corrective measures are taken. The solution is to install pressure reduction fittings in strategic locations of the system, making sure to pay attention to the type of sprinkler heads that are operating on the line in question.


Full Service Sprinkler Installation

Attention to detail & satisfaction guaranteed.

The Future Green team will take care of every aspect of the sprinkler installation process. From developing a dedicated water supply off the plumbing in your home, to installing a backflow preventer (as required by law), to the full clean-up after we leave! We design all of our sprinkler systems professionally, using the latest drafting software. All of our sprinkler systems are automatic, and watering schedules can be controlled extensively. Most installations do not take longer than two days to complete, and we will do a thorough walkthrough of the system after we have finished. We do not receive payment until you are fully satisfied with your system! A two year warranty is provided on the labour, and most of the products we use come with a manufacturer’s warranties that lasts even longer.