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We Get Your Sprinkler System Running Smoothly Again

Future Green Irrigation is a full-service sprinkler repair & maintenance company. Our experienced service technicians can get your sprinkler system flowing and working as intended. Whether it's a leak, sprinkler head not working properly, or a malfunctioning sprinkler zone, we have you covered.

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We Use The Latest Diagnostic Tools

Allows us to troubleshoot your system in a time efficient manor.

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Our Repair Service is Efficient & Reliable

Whether it's a leak or a broken sprinkler, we have you covered.

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Our Fully Trained Service Technicians Can Get Your System Flowing Efficiently

At Future Irrigation Irrigation, we make sure to keep our maintenance and repair service vans fully stocked with irrigation & sprinkler parts from all major brands including: Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, and Hydro Rain.

Our technicians carry the latest diagnostic tools, allowing us to troubleshoot your system in a time efficient manner, saving you time and money.

Repair Service Pricing:
  • $119.00/hour + $30.00 travel charge
  • Parts are extra

Sprinkler Care
& Upgrades

We Can Update Your System With The Latest Irrigation Technology

Just like your car or home, your irrigation system needs periodic maintenance for it to continue operating like the day it was new. Our trained technicians will assess the system, inspect its components and provide recommendations on how to get your system operating optimally. It could be a relatively simple tune-up; adjusting and fine-tuning existing components. Otherwise, we may recommend a more comprehensive system upgrade.

We keep up with the latest irrigation components and offer the most efficient systems on the market. This makes updating to new irrigation technology from older systems much easier than ever before.

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We Offer The Latest In Irrigation Technologies

We recommend upgrades that can improve performance and save you money.

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Water Wears The Opening Of Sprinkler Nozzles Over Time

Water wear changes the original characteristics engineered to provide uniform application. For this reason, we recommend you change sprinkler nozzles at least every 10 years. This easily done and involves replacing the nozzle at the tip of the sprinkler head, not the whole sprinkler itself.

Newer nozzle designs, particularly the MP nozzle series by Hunter are highly efficient. They uniformly apply water at a slower rate, minimizing surface runoff.

These nozzles are easily retrofitted into most sprinkler heads that have been installed over the past 25 years. It is possible, however, that older or obscure sprinkler types will not be compatible with these newer nozzles. In that case the entire sprinkler head would need to be replaced.


Too Many? Too Few?

Based on our assessment, we might recommend adding sprinklers to areas with limited coverage. This will ensure more uniform overall application of water.

You might also have an area that needed to be irrigated at one point but no longer does. In that case, we can remove these sprinkler heads as they are most likely wasting water.

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Adjusting HEADS & Spray HEIGHT

Sprinkler Heads Can Sink & Tilt

Especially if the soil around them was not compactified during installation. This can affect the trajectory of the spray, causing application to be less uniform.

Each year, we can raise, lower or straighten your sprinkler heads to improve overall system performance.

Irrigation CONTROL

Smart Irrigation Controllers Can Save Water & Lower Costs

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of smart devices that make our lives easier, and your irrigation system is no exception. New smart controllers can save water by automatically adjusting for weather conditions. Our recommended product is the Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller.

Hydrawise automatically adjusts water schedules based on internet weather stations with an easy-to-use interface. This is done through its advanced Predictive Watering™ schedule. The schedule can adjust watering time and days based on weather data being sent to it.

Furthermore, it can suspend watering depending on the temperature, predicted rainfall, or actual rainfall. All of this leads to significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving you time and lowering your costs.

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Tune-up Services

We Can Adjust Systems & Optimize Flow

For our sprinkler tune-up service, our technician will test the entire system, visually inspecting all the components and making necessary adjustments to existing sprinklers.

The technician will gather the information needed to give you a fixed price quote for a more comprehensive system refurbishment, if it is deemed necessary.


Use Less Water & Lower Costs


Optimal Water Coverage