We’ll Get Your System Ready For Winters in Alberta

We offer sprinkler winterization services to Calgary, Okotoks and the surrounding area. Each year, it’s important to fully shutdown your system and clear the lines of all water to avoid frost damage.

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Reach Out This Fall To Prepare Your System For Winter

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Keep Your System Free From Frost Damage

Our compressors run continuously until all water has been purged.

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We Help Protect Your Irrigation System From Any Potential Frost Damage

Water expands when it freezes, which can cause damage to your irrigation system's components. Because of this, it is important to remove all water from your system before winter sets in. At Future Green Irrigation, we use a 185 CFM air compressor to blow-out your irrigation system, ensuring that it is ready for winter. Using the large 185 CFM compressor allows us to continuously blow air through your system until all water has been purged. This is not possible with smaller compressors that are typically used with pneumatic tools.

Winterization is an important step to ensuring your system will work properly the following spring. If it’s not done in time or properly, you could face costly repairs to replace broken lines or valves.


Our Trained Staff Will Ensure Your System Is Properly Winterized.

Not all systems are the same. Our experienced technicians know what to look for when winterizing your system. Some Systems have components that need to be disconnected in order to blow out the lines. They will visually inspect sprinklers to make sure all water has been purged.

When spring comes back around, give us a call and we can get everything turned back on and ready for another year.
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Hassle Free Fall Maintenance 

Future Green Irrigation will make sure your system runs properly year after year.

Winterization PRICING

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